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Michigan Aeronautics Commission

  • Michigan Aeronautics CommissionAbout the Aeronautics CommissionThe Michigan Aeronautics Commission is responsible for the general supervision of all aeronautics within the state. In addition to five members appointed to four-year terms, the commission consists of four statutory members which include the directors of the departments of Transportation, Natural Resources, State Police, and Military Affairs. Additionally, the Transportation Department executive administrator for the Office of Aeronautics is designated as director of the commission.
  • Commission Members
  • Legislative ReportsList of MDOT legislative reports including Aeronautics reports as required by statute.

Meeting Minutes

Director's Reports

Contract Approvals

Commission Presentations


  • General Aviation (GA) CommitteeMission Statement: "To promote and increase the use and enjoyment of general aviation in Michigan and to help enhance awareness and promote the efficient continuation of general aviation in Michigan over the next one to five years."

Commission Activity Reports

  • Michigan Aeronautics Commission Activity ReportsSummary of Michigan Aeronautics Commission (MAC) proceedings and operations of the Michigan Department of Transportation's Office of Aeronautics (MDOT), specifically actions taken on behalf of MAC.