Michigan Aeronautical Chart & Airport Directory Errata

The following corrections are applicable to the 2014 Michigan Aeronautical Chart and Airport Directory. To submit additional changes please contact Randy L. Coller at 517-335-8521 or collerr@michigan.gov .

Important notice regarding the 2014 Michigan Aeronautical Chart

The 2014 Michigan Aeronautical Chart contains the newly revised Detroit Class B airspace,  effective Thursday, April 3, 2014. 

The lateral dimensions of the Class B airspace are significantly expanded and the ceiling is raised from 8000 feet MSL to 10,000 feet MSL.

The Detroit Class B Airspace shown on the 2014 chart is based on information published in the Federal Register at the time of printing.  There are slight variations between how this is depicted on the Michigan Chart and how it is depicted on the FAA Detroit Sectional chart.

Pilots are urged to check current FAA publications, the Airport/Facility Directory, FAA sectional charts and NOTAMs for correct depiction of the Detroit Class B Airspace boundaries and elevations. 


1.  Airspace violations are determined on the basis of radar tracks (which are recorded by Air Traffic Control).  Information depicted on paper charts or on GPS units may not be correct.  Even though your GPS unit may show you outside the Class B doesn’t necessarily mean that is true.  

2.  Air Traffic Control personnel are required to report airspace violations to the FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO).

3.  FSDO personnel are required to follow enforcement procedures contained in FAA order 8900.1.






Upper  Peninsula Side + Wisconsin


Legend - Communication Boxes

under the box [CHICAGO CHI] 2nd line

frequencey 1220.2 incorrect, should be 122.2


Benzonia - Joy Field Heliport

Add Joy field Heliport 44-33-48.1 086-08-17.7   elev 740' CTAF 122.9


Benzonia - Six Mile

Add Six Mile heliport 44-32-39.05  086-07-21.07  elev 755' CTAF 122.9


Sault Ste Marie Canada

Canadian Cls D airspace is 5 SM

Sfc to 3000´ (2400´ AAE) w/in area bound by


Sault Ste Marie Canada

Canadian Cls D airspace is 5 SM

5 SM radius ctr on  N46-29-06.00, W084-30-34.00


Bad Axe, Huron Co Airport


add RCO 122.65


Detroit TAC inset




NW of Utica

Delete auto testing ground

Now a subdivision


Class B airspace near Plymouth (1D2)

correct as shown on FAA TAC

also check LP side


Lower Peninsula side




NW of Utica

Delete auto testing ground

Now a subdivision


Deckerville - Indian Creek Ranch Airport (56G)

Delete arpt & symbol

Arpt abandoned


Belding (Near Greenville MI

Add Boulder Canyon Airport

42-04-33.6N 085-16-06.0 W   Elev 987  [19]
See 2012 Michigan Chart


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