Criminal Justice Bureau

G. Mennen Williams Building, 7th Floor
525 W. Ottawa Street
P.O. Box 30212
Lansing, MI 48909
Facsimile 517-373-0979

Division Assignments:
Alcohol & Gambling Enforcement
Child Support
Children & Youth Services
Civil Rights
Health Care Fraud
Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council-Autonomous Entity

Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division

Lansing Office:
G. Mennen Williams Building, 5th Floor
525 W. Ottawa Street
P.O. Box 30736
Lansing, MI 48909
Facsimile 517-241-1074

Alcohol Enforcement:
Secondary Complex
7150 Harris Drive
P.O. Box 30005
Lansing, MI 48909
Facsimile 517-322-6511

Liquor Control Commission:
25680 W. 8 Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48033
Facsimile 313-456-1260


  • Bureau of State Lottery
  • Gaming Control Board
  • Liquor Control Commission
  • Michigan Sheriff's Coordinating and Training Council
  • Office of the Racing Commissioner

Child Support Division

Lansing Office:
G. Mennen Williams Building, 3rd Floor
525 W. Ottawa Street
P.O. Box 30758
Lansing, MI 48909
Facsimile 517-335-5328

Detroit Office:
Cadillac Place, 10th Floor
3030 W. Grand Blvd., Suite 10-350
Detroit, MI 48202
Facsimile 313-456-2446


  • Department of Human Services
    • Civil representation of the Office of Child Support
    • Felony prosecution of child support cases and collection of court-ordered child support arrearages

Children and Youth Services Division


Cadillac Place, 10th Floor

3030 W. Grand Blvd., Suite 10-200

Detroit, MI 48202


Facsimile 313-456-0041


  • Department of Human Services
    • Wayne County child abuse and neglect civil actions in trial and appellate courts 

Civil Rights Division


Cadillac Place, 10th Floor
3030 W. Grand Blvd., Suite 10-650
Detroit, MI 48202

Driver License Section  313-456-0060
Facsimile 313-456-0061


  • Michigan Civil Rights Commission
  • Department of Civil Rights
  • Michigan Women's Commission
  • Michigan Hispanic/Latino Commission
  • Michigan Asian Pacific Affairs Commission
  • Division on Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Department of State
    • Driver license restoration matters in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Washtenaw Counties

Corrections Division


G. Mennen Williams Building, 4th Floor

525 W. Ottawa Street
P.O. Box 30217
Lansing, MI 48909
Facsimile 517-335-7157



  • Department of Corrections
  • Setting aside a criminal conviction to make it a non-public record
  • Extraditions
  • Michigan Parole Board


Criminal Division


Cadillac Place, 10th Floor
3030 W. Grand Blvd., Suite 10-350
Detroit, MI 48202
Facsimile 313-456-0181



Conduct criminal investigations and prosecutions, including:

  • Public Integrity
  • Human Trafficking
  • Cold case homicides and sexual assaults
  • Asset forfeiture
  • Election fraud
  • Criminal Enterprises (RICO)
  • Securities/mortgage fraud
  • Medical Marijuana abuses
  • Special Prosecutor requests from county prosecutors


Prosecute cases developed and referred by State Agencies, including:

  • Department of Environmental Quality (criminal prosecutions)
  • Department of Human Services (welfare recipient fraud, vendor fraud)
  • Michigan Gaming Board (casino crimes, illegal gambling operations)
  • Department of Treasury (civil forfeiture actions and criminal tax enforcement)
  • Michigan State Police (bridge card vendor enforcement)
  • MIOSHA (criminal prosecutions)
  • Unemployment Insurance Agency (unemployment benefits fraud)
  • Department of Licensing and Regulation (unlicensed builders)


Represent and advise the licensing authority for police officers

  • Counsel for Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES)


Serve as liaison and provide assistance to county prosecutors.

  • Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan Board
  • Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council Board
  • "Distressed Cities" special assistant attorneys general

Health Care Fraud Division

2860 Eyde Parkway
East Lansing, MI 48823
P.O. Box 30218
Lansing, MI 48909
Legal 517-241-6500
Investigative & Audit 517-241-6525
Hotline 1-800-24-ABUSE
Legal -Facsimile 517-241-6515
Investigative -Facsimile 517-241-1029


  • Initiates Medicaid fraud civil recoveries
  • Investigates and Prosecutes
    • Medicaid provider fraud in the Michigan Medicaid Program
    • Financial and physical abuse and neglect of residents in licensed residential care facilities such as nursing homes, homes of the aged, and adult foster care facilities
  • Provides public outreach related to Medicaid provider fraud, and resident abuse and neglect
  • Provides training to law enforcement and other related groups 
  • Represents the  state in Qui Tam cases filed by whistleblowers under Michigan's Medicaid False Claim Act

Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council (Autonomous Entity)

Samuel D. Ingham Building
116 W. Ottawa Street, Suite 200
Lansing, MI  48913
Facsimile 517-334-6351


  • Develop and maintain the prosecutors' case management system
    • Provide around the clock technical support
    • Serve as electronic interface between prosecutor offices and courts, police agencies and state departments
  • Provide continuing professional education to prosecuting attorneys and their employees
  • Provide update of changes in legislation and court practices to prosecuting attorneys
  • Works with county prosecuting attorneys