Stopping Asian Carp

Protecting Michigan by Stopping Asian Carp

Asian carp are a hyper-aggressive exotic species that threaten to ruin the ecology and economy of the Great Lakes. Our unique environment, thousands of jobs and our way of life are at risk because Asian carp are posed to enter Lake Michigan near Chicago.

Federal authorities who control Chicago-area waterways have found evidence of Asian carp through sophisticated DNA tests. While the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has said that allowing Asian carp into the Great Lakes would be an "ecological and economic disaster," neither Illinois or federal officials have acted to close shipping locks on these waterways that could keep the carp out of Lake Michigan.

As a result, Attorney General Cox has filed a law suit against the State of Illinois and the federal government asking that the locks be closed until we are satisfied there is a plan in place to protect Michigan's interests.

While we enjoy the support of New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario, you can also join in supporting Michigan's efforts to protect the Great Lakes by signing a petition at:

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