Lists of Charities and their Fundraisers


You may view a list of charities that currently are registered to solicit donations in Michigan. Registration is not an endorsement. A charity is registered if the organization provides the information required by the Charitable Organizations and Solicitations Act. To find out how a charity uses donated funds, please see or call the Attorney General's Charitable Trust Section.

Many familiar charities do not appear on this list. There are many exceptions from the registration requirement, including religious charities, licensed hospitals and hospital foundations, educational institutions, and service clubs. The exceptions are set forth in Sections 2 and 13 of the Charitable Organizations and Solicitations Act; a summary of the exceptions is available. If a name does not appear on this list, you may call the Attorney General's Charitable Trust Section to find out if it is exempt from the registration requirement.

Citizens may be contacted by professional fund raisers that are hired and paid by charities to solicit donations. Professional fund raisers must be licensed by the Attorney General (see below). Unlike charities, however, professional fund raisers are for-profit entities. For questions about how much a charity reports spending on fund raising costs versus its charitable program, see or call the following telephone number:

Questions about charities: (517) 373-1152

Search List of Registered Charities (Adobe Acrobat required. See below.) [revised 5/30/2017]


You may view and search a list of professional fund raisers licensed to solicit donations for charities and religious organizations. A license is not an endorsement. A license is issued if the professional fund raiser has provided the information required by the Attorney General's Office.

A professional fund raiser under the Charitable Organizations and Solicitations Act "plans, conducts, manages, or carries on drives or campaigns of soliciting contributions for charities or religious organizations." Thus, professional fund raisers include not only persons who directly solicit from the public, but others who are compensated to plan or manage a charitable fundraising campaign. Fund raising consultants and grant writers may fall within the definition of a professional fund raiser under Michigan law.

Before entering into a contract or arrangement with a professional fund raiser, we suggest that you read Attorney General Tips for Hiring a Professional Fund Raiser.

Search List of Licensed Professional Fund Raisers (Adobe Acrobat required. See below.) [revised 5/30/2017]



While every effort is made to keep these lists updated and accurate, errors may occur in data entry or updating information. We will continue to work to increase the utility and functionality of these lists by correcting any errors that may have occurred in our posting of this information. If you notice errors, please call (517) 373-1152 or email so that we can provide the most accurate information possible, both to donors who are making difficult choices about what charities to support and to the charities who are considering hiring a professional fund raiser. A call to the Charitable Trust Section may clarify any misunderstanding or discrepancy.



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