State Public Administrator

Pursuant to Act 194 of 1947, specifically MCL 720.201, "[t]here shall be a public administrator for the state of Michigan, to be known in this act as the ‘state public administrator.'"  The Governor appoints the state public administrator upon the recommendation of the Attorney General.


The State Public Administrator has oversight over the appointed county public administrators' activities that effectuate disposition of the decedent's body and manage the determination/collection/liquidation/distribution of any assets in the decedent's estate.  Attorneys acting as county public administrators have powers and duties primarily related to intestate decedent estates where there are apparently no known heirs.


The current State Public Administrator is Michael E. Moody.  He is an Assistant Attorney General with the Department of Attorney General and was appointed by the Governor on August 26, 2011.


Contact Information:


Michael E. Moody

State Public Administrator

Public Administration

G. Mennen Williams Building, 6th Floor

525 West Ottawa Street

P.O. Box 30755

Lansing, Michigan  48909

(517) 373-1123

Facsimile (517) 241-3473


County Public Administrators