Schuette: Consumer Education Programs Have Reached 100,000 Michigan Residents

Contact: Andrea Bitely, Megan Hawthorne; (517) 373-8060

October 2, 2017

LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and his consumer protection team today celebrated 100,000 attendees for the Department of Attorney General’s Consumer Education programs. As part of the celebration, Schuette and his consumer protection team unveiled an updated Online Safety program.   

“As Attorney General, Consumer Protection is a top priority,” said Schuette. “These programs are just one way my office is dedicated to keeping Michigan consumers safe.”

“My consumer protection team provides educational outreach to citizens to protect them from unscrupulous scam artists and provide information to help make decisions regarding health care and financial matters,” Schuette continued. “ Nearly 4,700 seminars have been offered throughout the state to assist in the mission to create public awareness.”

It is critical to be a savvy consumer and aware of tricks criminals use to steal from you. The Attorney General currently offers six, 45-minute seminars on different topics.

Presentations Overview 

Consumer Education presentations can be scheduled on the following topics:

  • Home Repair and Improvement - Learn the telltale signs of home repair scams, unscrupulous contractors, and how to navigate the home improvement process.
  • Identity Theft - Learn about the signs of identity theft, how to protect your personal information online and off, and what to do if you become an identity theft victim.
  • In-Home Care and Senior Residences - Learn about resources available to help you make the best decisions regarding care for yourself or your loved ones at home or in a senior residence.
  • Investment Fraud - Learn how to recognize fraudulent investments and obtain objective facts about reverse mortgages and annuities. Also provides information on how to investigate both the seller and the product before investing.
  • Online Safety - Learn how to protect your devices, money, and personal information while online. Also provides information on how to avoid common and emerging online scams.
  • Phone, Mail, and e-Scams - Learn the telltale signs of scams prevalent in phone calls, mail, email, and texts, along with steps to take to minimize your risk of being victimized.

Register for a Consumer Education Presentation

If you want to host the Michigan Department of Attorney General for a presentation, please complete the online registration form. You may also print out a copy of the registration form.

If you are interested in attending a presentation, please review our calendar of events to determine when we will be in your community.  All events are free and open to the public. To attend, residents are asked to contact the venue to RSVP prior to the seminar.  The calendar is updated regularly so interested residents can find out what seminars are being held in their area.

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