Attorney General Opinions interpreting 2000 PA 381

Attorney General opinions are intended to interpret the law as written at the time the opinion was issued. In some instances, the law may change in response to conclusion reached in the opinion. You should check the law to see if any amendments were made subsequent to the opinion.

Opinion Description
7073 A county concealed weapons licensing board is a ’public body’ subject to the Open Meetings Act. A county prosecutor may not designate a member of a county sheriff’s staff to serve in place of the prosecutor on a county concealed weapons licensing board.
7097 A private investigator licensed to carry a concealed pistol is not, by reason of section 234d of the Michigan Penal Code, exempt from the gun-free zone restrictions imposed by section 5o of the Concealed Pistol Licensing Act.
7098 A police officer, including a reserve police officer, is exempt from the licensing requirements of the Concealed Pistol Licensing Act if the officer possesses the full authority of a peace officer and is regularly employed and paid by a police agency of the United States, this state, or a political subdivision of the state. A police officer who...
7102 A county sheriff has the authority to set the amount of the fingerprinting fee authorized by section 5b(9) of the Concealed Pistol Licensing Act.
7113 A uniformed reserve police officer acting as an unpaid volunteer for a local police agency may carry an exposed, holstered pistol within the gun-free zones established by the Concealed Pistol Licensing Act; and if the officer is either a fully authorized "peace officer" or, alternatively, possesses a valid concealed pistol license issued under the...
7120 A municipal outdoor recreation park does not, by itself, constitute an "entertainment facility" within the meaning of section 5o(1)(f) of the Concealed Pistol Licensing Act, and thus is not a gun-free zone as established by that statute.
7121 The Concealed Pistol Licensing Act, as amended, does not authorize a county concealed weapon licensing board, based merely upon its finding that issuing a concealed pistol license to an applicant is not detrimental to the safety of the applicant or to any other person, to issue a license to carry a concealed pistol to a person who has been convicted of...
7123 Possession of handguns within state parks or while hunting during bow and arrow only hunting season.