• The first responsibility of government is to keep its citizens safe. As your Attorney general, I am committed to helping the victims of crime know their rights and providing them with the knowledge that will help them navigate the criminal justice system.

    In 2011, I appointed the State of Michigan's first-ever Crime Victim Rights Advocate to provide leadership on this issue in our community and assistance to those in need. We created this website as a one-stop location to find information on your rights both during and after criminal prosecutions. We look forward to serving you as a resource and welcome input from your experiences.


    Bill Schuette
    Michigan Attorney General

  • Overview of Crime Victim Rights


  • Frequently Asked Questions For over 25 years, Michigan crime victims have had rights. Based on research, it is estimated that only half of all violent crimes, and less than 40% of non-violent crimes, are reported. By law, every county prosecutor's office must work with willing victims of crime to ensure that their rights are respected. But many crime victim rights can only be exercised if the victim decides to exercise those rights. If you have never reported a crime, you will not be able to exercise your rights. 
  • Crime Victim Compensation

    In 1988 Michigan voters amended our constitution to grant rights to victims of crime. They included the right to charge convicted criminal defendants an assessment. This money paid by convicted criminals is used to pay for crime victim services, and payment as a last resort for injured crime victims with unpaid medical bills, loss of earnings or support, burial payments and counseling needs for expenses related to costs they incur due to a physical injury suffered as the result of a crime.