Identifying and Reporting Human Trafficking

  • Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking

    If you suspect something is wrong, ask yourself these questions:

    • Are there bruises or other signs of physical abuse?
    • Are there signs of psychological abuse?
    • Is the person submissive or fearful?
    • Is the person being controlled?
    • Is the person being deprived of food, water, sleep, medical care, or other life necessities?
    • Is the person allowed to be in public alone?
    • Can the person freely contact friends or family?
    • Is the person a minor engaged in commercial sex?
    • Does a minor appear to be in a relationship with a much older person?
    • Does the person fear his or her employer?
    • Can the person leave their job situation if they want?
    • Has someone threatened the person's family?
    • Does the person have identification?
    • Does the person know his or her own address?
     Learn about "Red Flags" and what you can do

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