Legacy DMC 2011 Annual Report on VHS of Michigan (Vanguard)

  1.  Legacy DMC  Letter Transmitting Vanguard's 2011 Annual Report, 5-30-2012

Attachment 1 - Article 12 from the DMC-Vanguard Purchase and Sale Agreement (defining Legacy DMC's and Vanguard's Post-Closing Obligations)  

Attachment 2 - Summary of Vanguard's Post-Closing Obligations

Attachment 3 - Legacy DMC's Summary of Vanguard's Compliance with Post-Closing Obligations

Attachment 4 - Legacy DMC's Summary of Vanguard's Operation of Hospital Core Services

Attachment 5 - Vanguard's Letter to Friends of the Detroit Medical Center and Vanguard's 2011 Annual Report on Compliance with Post-Closing Obligations
(Note - Referenced Attachments A - F) were designated as "Confidential" by Vanguard and were not supplied to the Attorney General's Office.

  1. Legacy DMC's Letter Confirming Compliance with Conflict of Interest Responsibilities
  2. Legacy DMC's Letter Reporting on Compliance with Monitoring Responsibilities

Attachment 1 - Summary of Vanguard's  Post-Closing Obligations

Attachment 2 - Sample of Vanguard's Posting of Complaint Hotline, Telephone Number, and Email Address

Attachment 3 - Correspondence between Legacy DMC and Attorney General Schuette Regarding Extension of Time for Transmitting the 2011 Annual Report

  1. Legacy DMC's Letter Confirming Compliance with Corporate Structure Requirements and List of Legacy DMC Board of Directors
  2. Restated Purchase and Sale Agreement between DMC and Vanguard with Selected, Revised Schedules, 2011