Contract and Payment Express (C&PE) Pre-Registration Overview

This overview training is targeted to payees registering for the first time in Contract & Payment Express (C&PE).

This training was developed using Microsoft PowerPoint; therefore, you need PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer to run the training.  PowerPoint Viewer is freely downloadable.

Please select your Payee Type. 

Individual Payee

Child Day Care, Adult Foster Care, Children's Foster Care, and other recipients are considered Individual Payees and have the opportunity to sign up for electronic funds transfer (EFT) of their payments by registering on Contract & Payment Express (C&PE).  This overview training will help to prepare Individual Payees for the registration process.

Business Payee

A Business Payee must register as a vendor with the State of Michigan on Contract and Payment Express (C&PE) in order to receive bids and/or payments.  Certain business payees will be required by the State of Michigan to receive payments by EFT.  It will be possible to sign up for EFT during the registration process.  This overview training will help to prepare Business Payees for the registration process.