• New Vendor System

    The State of Michigan is upgrading its financial and business systems to a new system, SIGMA.  SIGMA will improve the way Michigan performs all financial activities, including budgeting, accounting, payments, and business and grant opportunities. SIGMA Vendor Self-Service (VSS) improves how we work with vendors, payees and grantees, replacing Contract & Payment Express (C&PE) and Buy4Michigan.  

    Conversion began July 31, 2017 to the new SIGMA VSS and bid opportunities can be placed in Buy4Michigan or SIGMA VSS.  All payments will be issued through SIGMA beginning October 2, 2017. 

    If you have been receiving payments from the State, you should claim your new account.  If you plan to start getting payments from the state after October 2, 2017, you should register in SIGMA VSS. 

    For more information on this major improvement, visit our website at Michigan.gov/SIGMAVSS

    CHAMPS medical providers may have additional questions regarding their payments as we transition to SIGMA VSS.  For additional information, please check the Medical Provider web page at:  www.Michigan.gov/MedicaidProviders

  • Notice:

    Effective February 1, 2016, vendors and payees will be required to register and maintain their information through Contract and Payment Express. This change is necessary to improve the protection of personally identifiable and banking information.  For assistance registering or accessing your information, contact the OFM Help Desk.  Contact information can be found through the Payee Registration Helpline link.


    You must have an email address to register on this site.


    Who should use this website?

    • Anyone who receives payment from the State of Michigan
    • Anyone who wants to do business with the State
    • This includes individuals, businesses, units of government, municipalities, schools, colleges, and universities. Contractors and vendors can register to receive payment for goods and services sold to the State.


    What can I do on this site?

    • Register to receive purchase orders and payments from the State of Michigan. Once registered, you can access or change your information 24 hours a day!
    • Sign-up to receive State of Michigan payments via Direct Deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer)
    • View payment details on your Direct Deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer) payments



  • Requesting a Password 

    When requesting a password with a valid e-mail address on file, a link will be e-mailed that will take you to a website where you can create a new password. This will allow access to your account immediately.  Accounts without valid e-mail addresses will need to contact the OFM Help Desk for assistance.  Contact information can be found through the Payee Registration Helpline link above.  Note:  Only 1 request per day can be processed for a User ID or password.

  • Electronic Payments Deposited into Foreign Accounts 

    If electronic payments from the State of Michigan are deposited into a U.S. account and then are automatically redirected to a foreign account, the electronic transmission may fail.  Please contact your financial institution to determine what options are available to ensure continued electronic transmission of your payments. 

  • Multiple Bank Accounts 

    State of Michigan payees are able to direct payments to one or multiple bank accounts.  The direct deposit (EFT) process is completely paperless. Please note that while enrolling or making changes to your banking information, the State will validate the account with your bank. This process can take up to 10 days. During this time, payments will be made by warrant rather than EFT.

  • State Employee Paychecks and Expenses

    This site will not allow you to set up Direct Deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer) for your paychecks.  You should visit the MI HR Service Center website or call 1-877-766-6447 for assistance with setting up Direct Deposit of your paychecks.  Employee expense reimbursements are no longer issued through the State Vendor file.  Expenses are entered in the DCDS Time & Expense application.
  • C&PE web site

    • requires 128-bit encryption browser for your protection
    • is best viewed by Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher OR Netscape 4.78 or higher using the U.S. (not the international) security encryption
    • requires a browser enabled to accept session cookies
    • recommends a Javascript capable browser with it enabled