Office of Regulatory Reinvention Eliminates 1,500 Rules, Implements 100 Recommendations Making Regulations More Efficient

November 21, 2013 – The Office of Regulatory Reinvention (ORR) announced today that it has eliminated more than 1,500 burdensome and duplicative rules and fully implemented more than 100 recommendations to make state government more efficient. Governor Rick Snyder created the ORR in 2011 to increase the effectiveness of Michigan's government.

“The implementation of the ORR’s important recommendations and our rescission of unnecessary rules have helped create a regulatory environment that is simple, fair, and conducive to business growth,” said ORR Manager Liz Smalley. "The ORR will continue its efforts to make Michigan’s regulations more efficient, while ensuring health, safety and consumer protections remain.”

The ORR has reviewed more than 19,000 rules and collected nearly 35,000 pages of non-rule regulatory actions. To date, the office has rescinded 1,950 unnecessary, burdensome or duplicative rules, with a net rule reduction of 1,554.

Many of the rules had not been reviewed in decades and a large number were found to be obsolete, unnecessary and in need of modernization. This process of review and elimination has reduced the administrative burdens for state departments and eased compliance burdens for businesses and consumers. 

Rules Eliminated:

  • Burdensome:  Following the passage of PA 43 2012, rules were rescinded eliminating an unnecessary Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Wastewater Report not used by the department in any regulatory function. Elimination of this unnecessary requirement saves businesses time and money without compromising regulation safety.
  • Obsolete:  Rules were rescinded eliminating the “Seal of Quality” for agricultural products. The program had not been active in more than three decades.
  • Unnecessary:  In January 2014, rules will be rescinded eliminating the unenforceable and unnecessary mandate that child care workers must smile.

A complete list of rules rescinded can be found here.

Many of these rescinded rules are the result of a stakeholder-driven process that utilized eight Advisory Rules Committees (ARCs). Members of the ARCs came from a broad spectrum of stakeholders including the regulated communities, the relevant regulatory bodies and the general public, in addition to members of the ORR. To date, seven ARCs have publicly released 320 recommendations for streamlining and updating high impact regulatory areas: Environmental, Inspections & Permitting, Insurance & Finance, Liquor Control, Natural Resources, Occupational Licensing, and Workplace Safety

Currently, 105 of the ORR’s ARC recommendations have been fully implemented, with many resulting in Public Acts.  

Recommendations Implemented:

  • Regulatory Efficiency:  The ORR and MDEQ worked with the legislature to implement changes to Michigan’s environmental regulations, resulting in PA 446 of 2012. The act provides increased flexibility for MDEQ in streamlining the cleanup of contaminated sites, improving the efficiency of the department.
  • Saving Businesses Time and Money:  The ORR and the Insurance Department worked with the legislature to amend the Insurance Code removing the requirement that insurers provide an unnecessary rating process booklet. Under PA 454 of 2012, insurers now provide a brief summary and detailed information is available upon request. The previous requirement cost certain insurers $1 million annually. 

A complete list of the ORR’s implemented recommendations can be found here.

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