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Enter Business Information for Sole Proprietorship

Close window to return to One Stop reminder picture. 

On this page you can...

  • Enter the first name of the Sole Proprietor 
  • Enter the last name of the Sole Proprietor 
  • Select the birth date of the Sole Proprietor 
  • Enter the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number for the Sole Proprietor 
  • "Business Name" will auto-populate with first and last name of Sole Proprietor 
  • Click "Previous" to return to the previous page 
  • Click "Quit" to quit the "Start a Business" process without saving (*This will not close the Michigan Business One Stop) 
  • Click "Next" to proceed with the next step of "Start a Business" 

Sole Proprietorship enter business information example screen shot.

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