• National Functional Classification Maps in Michigan National Functional Classification is a transportation planning tool. All public roads are classified according to function -- this allows roads to be studied and compared across different regions of the state or the entire country. National Functional Classification is also used to determine which roads are eligible to receive federal funds (federal-aid) for improvements. National Functional Classification may be abbreviated as NFC. Try the links on this page to find out more or send an e-mail to with a specific information request.
boundary maps of Michigan School District and Intermediate School Districts (ISD).
USGS Topographic Quadrangle Maps
information regarding the aspects of of Michigan's natural resources and environmental quality.
a variety of map types that show boundaries and names of geographic areas within the State of Michigan.
maps related to area of the Census, from population and housing characteristics, economic issues and census boundaries.
state of Michigan maps which may be purchased can be found within the Map Store.