MI Mapper

  • Interactive MapsThe State of Michigan is proud to offer a variety of interactive mapping applications that provide our citizens, business community, and tourists with a rich source of information about state services, roads and highways, and the natural environment.

Mapping Applications

  • MI Locator Looking for State government services, state parks and recreation areas, schools, or libraries? MI Locator simplifies your search and provides driving directions to services and facilities throughout Michigan.
  • Michigan Recreation Boating Information System There are over 1,300 public boating access sites as well as more than 80 harbors and marinas throughout Michigan. This interactive map viewer will show you the location of all of these facilities and provide a detailed list of amenities found at each. Your next boating adventure starts here!
  • Mi-Hunt Find lands open to public hunting in Michigan and discover the rich diversity of vegetation hosting a variety of game species.
  • Michigan Surface Water Information Management System The Michigan Surface Water Information Management System (MiSWIMS) is an interactive map-based system that allows users to view information about Michigan's surface water. It was developed through a cooperative effort by the Michigan Department of Information Technology (DIT), Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Users are able to view and download data collected by the DEQ and DNR from surface water monitoring sites located throughout Michigan.
  • Michigan's Wetlands Map Viewer This interactive map viewer provides a quick way for users to see, print, and export wetland information. In addition to viewing wetlands, a variety of map layers are available, including: dam locations, trout streams and lakes, potential wetland restoration areas, conservation and recreation lands, watershed basins and more.
  • Michigan Environmental Mapper

    The Michigan Environmental Mapper allows you to view sites of contamination and underground storage tank sites. The user can display the sites based on search criteria by city, county, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) district, and Michigan legislative district. In addition the user can view sites within a certain distance of a location, a land lot, or a stream segment. The results can be printed, with the map, and/or exported to an Excel spreadsheet. 

  • DEQ - GeoWebFace Online Geological Maps and Data The free GeoWebFace provides a wide array of geologic information for natural resource management, educational and general interests. Information includes: oil and gas well data and files, mining and related geographic information. Maps can be built on a road map, aerial photograph or topographic map base. The over sixty layers many specific to this application - of map information include: Glacial Geology, Structural Geology, Outcrops, Bedrock Geology, Gravity, Magnetics, Shaded Relief, Hillshade, Water Falls, Wetlands Inventory, Town, Range and Section, State Ownership, State Mineral Leases, Federal Lands, and National Forests.
  • MDOT PR Finder PR Finder allows users to "find" Physical Road (PR) information for all roads in the state of Michigan. Users can view map displays with information such as Average Annual Daily Traffic, Average Annual Commercial Daily Traffic, and more.
  • Mi Drive View current traffic speeds, traffic cameras, accidents, and slow-downs as they occur in Metro Detroit.