Office of Shared Solutions

Shared Solutions is an office within DTMB that focuses on Services and Products that are common to all areas of State Government. It is currently made up of several key functional areas:

  • Spatial Technology
    • Provides leadership, technical expertise and policy for the acquisition, development, use, dissemination, promotion and sharing of geographic information in the state of Michigan
    • Includes web-mapping applications, Enterprise GIS, and Michigan Business Portal

  • Privacy and Business Intelligence
    The mission of the Privacy and Business Intelligence Competency Center is to enable and encourage the appropriate and effective use of the data that the state has collected to further its ability to carry out its services to its citizens, while protecting the privacy of those citizens.

  • Address Quality Assurance
    • Common model for raw address data that can be shared by agencies
    • Defined process for populating the common address model
    • Method to obtain the most comprehensive set of standardized address information
    • Vehicle to accurately store both raw and cleansed/standardized addresses in a common data model
    • Process to cleanse and standardize U.S and Canadian Addresses in a consistent, enterprise-wide manner

  • Data Transport Tools
    • Profiling and analysis tool that is designed to help analysts understand the content, quality, and structure of data sources by automating data discovery
    • Data rule monitoring tool designed to help analysts validate data and assess ongoing data quality trends
    • When the record-matching process is executed, those record pairs with a high-match probability are retained, and those with a low-match probability are ignored or tagged for review
    • Ability to design data flows to extract information from multiple source systems, make it more valuable, and then deliver it to one or more target databases/applications

  • Query and Reporting
    • Plan to consolidate existing product licenses for State of Michigan query/reporting tools
    • Team of technical staff to support software (including upgrades, security access, and driver files)
    • Team of staff to support training State of Michigan personnel in use of software/tools
    • Process to allow agencies to leverage query/reporting toolsets at minimal cost to taxpayers