CGI Outreach & Promotion

  • Opportunities in the Geographic Information System (GIS) CommunityOver the past few years, the concept of Geographic Information System (GIS) has made a name for itself in the world of technology. It has grown, and will continue to grow, as a major part of business today. Looking into the future, it becomes evident that the possibilities for GIS are endless. For more information on the outreach and promotion of this concept, be sure to check out the sites below.
  • Michigan Geographic Framework (MGF) Local Data Partnerships The Center for Shared Solutions strives to form working partnerships that will result in explicit improvements to Framework. These improvements must benefit CSS and its business partners, as well as fulfill the needs of its local partners.
The GISUSERS Listserv list provides a method for efficient communication between Michigan GIS users of all skill and education levels.
Geographic Information User Forum. Includes information and monthly meeting minutes.
NSDI Registration, Survey and General Information.
Geographic Resources