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Estimated Population by State: 2010-2012

Michigan's estimated population began to grow again in 2012 and its level of net migration continued to improve.  This was the state's first increase in estimated population since 2004.

Nevertheless, Michigan was overtaken by Georgia as the nation's eighth largest state.  If recent rates of growth continue in the Sunbelt, Michigan will be passed by North Carolina in 2014.  Michigan had been the eighth largest state since being passed by Florida in 1979.  Michigan's held its highest ranking (seventh) from the 1920 Census until 1979.


Estimated Population of Michigan and the U.S.: 2000-2012 (xls)
Estimated Population by State: 2010-2012 (xls) 

Estimated Components of Population Change by State: 2011-2012 (xls) 
Rates and Rankings of Estimated Components of Population Change by State: 2011-2012 (xls) 

Charts and Commentary 

Charts and Commentary on Michigan Population, Population Share, and Net Migration (pdf)   

Additional Data

Figures for all states are available from the population estimates page of the U.S. Census Bureau website.

Updated 12/20/2012 

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