Census 2002 TIGER/Line Files

The TIGER/Line files are extracts from the Census Bureau's TIGER® (Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing) database, consisting of selected geographic and cartographic information.



--Attention Data Users--


Major Changes to File Structure
The U.S. Census Bureau has made major structural changes to the 2002 TIGER/Line file format. We have deleted two record types (3 and 9) and added others (B, E, T, and U). Several record types were expanded and substantially revised by rearranging the location of the data fields. More Information.


Please note that the distribution unit for the 2002 TIGER/Line files will be by "current", or 2002, county. The 2002 TIGER/Line file coverage is as follows: all counties, parishes, boroughs, census areas and equivalent entities for each state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas. 


Feature Updates
The 2002 TIGER/Line files contain very few updates to street features or address ranges from the Census 2000 versions of the TIGER/Line files. Some additional features have been added, where the Census Bureau realigned the street feature coordinates. Additional realigned counties will be included in the 2003 TIGER/Line files, however the Census Bureau expects the 2004 TIGER/Line files to be the first version of the TIGER/Line files to include a significant number of realigned counties with updated features that have progressed through the MAF/TIGER Accuracy Improvement Project.