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    Corrections Officer Information and Application

    Agency: Corrections

    To apply for a position as a Corrections Officer for the Michigan Department of Corrections, you must be a minimum of 18 years of age and have earned a High School Diploma or G.E.D. You must have an educational background that includes at least 15 semester (or 23 term) college credit hours in Corrections, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology, Educational Psychology, Family Relations, Guidance and Counseling, Pastoral Counseling, Social Work or Law Enforcement; OR possession of 30 semester (or 45 term) college credits in any academic or degree prerequisite area; OR any bachelor's degree (two years of satisfactory Corrections Officer employment at the state or federal level will fulfill the educational requirement). These credits must be earned prior to submitting an application.

    The Michigan Department of Corrections has changed the process for new corrections officer training. If you pass your interview, fitness test, and background investigation you will receive notification regarding a medical physical, pulmonary function test, and two step tuberculosis tests. Applicants will pay for their own medical screenings. Applicants that pass the medical screenings will receive notification that they are eligible to attend training program at a participating college. Applicants must pass a MDOC pre-employment drug screen. Failure to pass a pre-employment drug test will result in permanent elimination from consideration for employment, even if the failure is due to taking someone else's valid prescription.

    Individuals will now attend a training program at a participating college (six weeks in length). The training program is unpaid. Once you pass the initial six weeks of the training program, you will be eligible to be hired by the MDOC for an additional two weeks of paid training (still at the college). Once individuals complete the eight weeks of training, they will begin on-the-job training at their assigned facility. There will be a cost involved to attend the college training program.

    The first step in the process is completion and submission of an online application by visiting the  Michigan Civil Service Commission Web site. Detailed information regarding the selection process and other applicable information is listed below under "Related Documents." If you have specific questions, you can contact the Recruitment Section at 1-517-335-6711 or 1-888-820-7129.

    For a complete information packet, download each document below.

    An individual who has been convicted of a felony or domestic violence cannot be hired. Consideration cannot be given to an applicant who is on misdemeanor probation, has outstanding warrants, or has a personal protection order against them, or has a controlled substance (drug) related conviction in any jurisdiction, including drug-related military discharges. In addition, an applicant who has been convicted of any other misdemeanor shall not be eligible for employment until one year after satisfactory completion of any sentence imposed, including probation. 


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