Agents' tip helps police apprehend bank robber

Agents Vanessa Twiggs, Kaunda Gray and Yvettia Smith

Eastern District Probation Agents Kaunda Gray, Yvettia Smith and Vanessa Twiggs were instrumental in the arrest of a suspected bank robber.

During their lunch break, the agents made a stop at a credit union. While in the parking lot, they noticed a cloud of red smoke near a man in a white vehicle.

From left: Agents Vanessa Twiggs, Kaunda Gray, and Yvettia Smith

While other patrons were not paying any attention to the scene, the agents decided to investigate and found that the man had opened a bag of money.

They also saw a stack of money covered in red ink under the suspect’s vehicle. The agents called 911 and reported the incident to the dispatcher.

As the agents drove around the corner, they observed a group of police officers at a local bank. The agents then informed the police officers that a man was right around the corner with a bag of money that was covered with red ink.

The police moved in and apprehended the suspect. According to local authorities, the suspect was believed to be involved in several other bank robberies.

Michigan Department of Corrections FYI 11-10-04