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    Training program assessment means college credits for MDOC employees by John Cordell

    John Cordell, Curriculum Specialist

    Excelsior College, a non-profit institution of higher learning in Albany, NY, recently completed an assessment of MDOC training programs to determine their value as college credit. The assessment resulted in a total of 38 undergraduate and graduate-level credits that may be granted toward completion of a college degree. This assessment may be of benefit to department employees who wish to pursue a college degree.

    Excelsior specializes in assisting professionals in the criminal justice field who want to continue their education. Whether it is the attainment of a degree through Excelsior, or the ability to consolidate credits from several colleges on one transcript, they can help.

    John Cordell, Curriculum Specialist, Office of Training and Recruitment

    Excelsior College provides flexibility for the use and transfer of college credits. Here are some ways that you can use the program to your advantage:

    Credit recommendations made by assessment teams can be used by:

    • A college or university
    • Excelsior College’s "Credit Bank"
    • Excelsior College’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice or other Excelsior degree

    Colleges and Universities

    In many cases, educational institutions "attached" to training providers carry credits that are only accepted in block format, and are useful only at that institution. The advantages to Excelsior College’s credit recommendations are that credit will be assigned on an individual course basis and one does not have to enroll at Excelsior to transfer the course credits to an institution. Acceptance of academic credit in transfer from an academy or another college is always at the discretion of the receiving institution.

    Credit Bank

    This service was designed for non-Excelsior College students who want to consolidate their academic records for employment or educational purposes. It enables a student to record and report accumulated college credit from numerous and/or various sources onto a single document. Having all college credits on a single Excelsior College transcript – with scores on most proficiency examinations taken on or after September 1, 1995, converted to letter grades – means fewer documents to handle and file. A Credit Bank transcript also makes it easier for employers or other colleges to recognize the credit you have already earned. Upon request, all credits recommended by Criminal Justice Training Assessment will be available through Credit Bank on an Excelsior College transcript.

    Excelsior College’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

    • A major in Criminal Justice incorporates the theories, history, and legal and ethical issues typically covered in the study of crime and criminal justice. Because a number of perspectives and related disciplines exist within the field of criminal justice, one is encouraged to develop depth, breadth, and understanding in one of four areas of emphasis:

    • Administration of Criminal Justice
    • Corrections
    • Law Enforcement and Public Safety
    • Law and Society

      Excelsior College allows you to use any training that you completed within the past five years toward your degree (providing it falls under the programs that have been assessed). When you apply to Excelsior College, they will assess your training credits from the past five years and determine how many credits you already have toward your degree. All you must do to complete your degree is fill in the missing courses through Excelsior or one of the many other colleges or universities that have a Distance Learning partnership with them.

    The complete Credit Recommendation Report by Excelsior College is available through the MDOC Online Training Icon in the NAL window. For more information about Excelsior College, please visit

    Michigan Department of Corrections FYI 06-10-04

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