Office of Personnel Services

The Office of Personnel Services includes Central Office and all field Human Resources Offices, Classification, Equal Employment Opportunity, Technical Services, and Drug and Alcohol Testing.  This Office  reports to the  Civil Service Commission with a dotted line to the Budget and Operations Administration.

Personnel Services are responsible for providing all human resource services for Department of Corrections employees.  This includes implementing and facilitating the selection process, payroll, employee benefits, leaves of absence and electronic file maintenance for staff at all department work locations. 

This Office is headed by an Administrator who reports to the Civil Service Commission.  The state is divided into three regions, two of which align with Correctional Facilities Administration regions.  The third region is responsible for Central Office Personnel, Field Operations, and Employee Classification.  Each region has a Human Resources Manager which reports to the Administrator of Personnel Services.

Human Resources Offices

The Human Resources Offices are located at work locations through out the state and are responsible for providing personnel services to Department of Corrections employees.  They assist managers in recruitment, selection and promotion of the highest qualified employees.  They also assist employees in understanding benefits, Civil Service Rules and Regulations as well as departmental policies and procedures relative to personnel issue.

Technical Services Section 

The Technical Services Section is responsible for disability management program, earnings adjustments, and security for the state Human Resource Management System and Data Collection Distribution System for the Department of Corrections.  The section provides technical services and training to human resource offices for payroll processing, personnel services and time reporting.

Classification Section

This area serves as the Department's liaison to the Department of Civil Service regarding classification and selection issues.

Central Office Personnel

Central Office Personnel is responsible for providing personnel services to Central Office employees as well as to render assistance to other personnel offices throughout the department. The mission of Central Office Personnel is to assist departmental managers in the recruitment, selection and promotion of the highest quality staff. It helps individual employees understand employee benefits, Civil Service Rules and Regulations and departmental policies and procedures. 

Equal Employment Opportunity Office 

The Equal Employment Opportunity Office is responsible for ensuring that the selection processes comply with departmental policy and procedure, Civil Service rules and appropriate collective bargaining agreements.  The Office processes requests for reasonable accommodation, manages reporting and investigation of allegations of discriminatory harassment and Civil Rights complaints, oversees the Transitional Employment and Return to Work Programs and ensures compliance with the Family Medical Leave Act.

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Work/Life Services

The Mission of Work/Life Services is to help Department of Corrections (DOC) employees juggle their work life and family life when the need arises. The Work/Life Resource Service Web site offers help with a variety of family issues including taking care of children, caring for the elderly, physical fitness, mental health, financial services, abuse in the home, and legal services.

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