Prisoner Reentry

    The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) envisions the placement of an offender into the community as a carefully planned process. It is guided by a Transition Accountability Plan (TAP/Case Plan) which provides the prisoner with a course of learning, upon incarceration, and is meant to prepare him or her for a legally and socially acceptable adjustment to life in the community by the time they have completed the minimum term of imprisonment ordered by the court. Supported by experienced professionals in the public and private sectors before, during, and after release from incarceration, the prisoner will have the tools necessary to prepare him or herself for parole. And, following parole, the offender will have the resources and guidance necessary to support successful community adjustment.


    The mission of Prisoner Reentry is to enhance public safety by reducing offender recidivism through a seamless plan of services and supervision, delivered through state and local collaboration. This plan will be developed with each prisoner from the time of his or her entry into the prison system through parole and reintegration into the community.



    To contact us:

    Michigan Department of Corrections
    P.O. Box 30003
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    Reentry information for prisoners: 517-335-2387
    Reentry information for parolees in the community: 517-335-2387
    Fax: 517-373-9545