Academy Graduates 211 New Officers

Director Richard McKeon and the Jeff White Sr. Class AwardeesFriday, January 14, 2011, the Michigan Department of Corrections celebrated the graduation of 211 new officers from Officer Recruit Training. The graduates were part of the Jeff White Class, named after Warden Jeff White of Mound Correctional Facility who died unexpectedly in early 2010. Warden White was highly regarded as one of the best and brightest in the Department. His premature demise was a shock to the corrections family. His popularity and positive attitude were captured in the words of the three speakers during the ceremony. White was described to the graduating class as a larger than life figure who was infectiously positive, always had a smile and commanded attention wherever he was. He embodied the attributes that every new officer should have - fairness, consistency, compassion, and a great attitude for the work.

The graduation was attended by family members and friends of the officers, as well as Department training staff and executive staff, administrators and support staff, and Michigan Corrections Organization executive staff. Everyone in attendance shared in the proud successes of the class.

The new officers, who successfully completed 320 hours of classroom and skill-based training, will now complete two months of on-the-job training which will complete their training phase. The continuing training will focus on applying skills and knowledge learned in the academy as well as familiarizing the new officers with their specific prison. Officers will then complete the remainder of their first year in a probationary phase - working with veteran officers and being mentored to continue the learning process.

The Michigan Department of Corrections is proud these new officers have chosen the Department to start their careers in the field of criminal justice and looks forward to having them in corrections for many years to come.