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    Cyber Awareness Breakfast Series Videos

    The Michigan Cyber Awareness Breakfast Conference Series 2012 serves as a follow-up to the Michigan Cyber Summit 2011 hosted last fall by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. This series provides updates to the Michigan Cyber Initiative designed for Michigan citizens, business and industry. Presentations will focus on a comprehensive, forward-looking blue print to enhance safety and allow for Michigan to realize the economic benefits of the growing cyber security industry.

    The State of Michigan will stand as the showcase for a national model in public/private partnerships addressing cyber security. A long time national leader in cyber security, Michigan places a high emphasis on protecting the state's computer systems and networks and was one of the first states to move to a centralized IT service model. This centralized technology model places Michigan in a strong position to implement security efforts.


    The following is a series of videos from the Breakfast Conference on June 5th, 2012:

    Our Cyber Security Future - A Legal Perspective

      General Michael McDaniel, Associate Professor and Director of Homeland Security Law, Thomas M. Cooley Law School; Brigadier General, MI NG
      General Michael McDaniel's Video
      At the Michigan Cyber Breakfast, General Michael McDaniel covers the current and recent cyber security legislation such as SOPA and PIPA. He focuses on pending legislation and his thoughts on each.


    Panel Discussion: Next Generation Cyber Awareness and Communication

      Description: How to Effectively Communicate on Cyber Security Threats & Internet Safety Topics with Employees, Schools, Businesses, Government and Citizens

      Jeff Barnes, Executive Director of Public Safety, Office of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder
      Jeff Barnes' Video
      In this 4 minute video from the Michigan Cyber Breakfast, Jeff Barnes gives an overview of cyber security in State of Michigan Government, the importance of the state taking the lead and collaborating.


      Dan Lohrmann, Chief Security Officer, State of Michigan
      Dan Lohrmann's Video
      Dan Lohrmann speaks at the Michigan Cyber Breakfast about the importance of cyber security awareness training within state government and his ideas on how to gain the most benefit from next generation awareness programs.

      Kristin Judge, Executive Director, Trusted Purchasing Alliance, Center for Internet Security
      Kristin Judge's Video
      At the Michigan Cyber Breakfast, Kristin Judge talks about personal experiences with the risks of using the internet and what groups have been formed to help prevent and spread awareness on internet security.

      Jim Janco, Director of Security & Privacy, Comcast
      Jim Janco's Video
      At the Michigan Cyber Breakfast, Jim Janco gives an overview of what Comcast provides to protect their customers. He discusses the tools (such as Constant Guard) and processes that Comcast has implemented to spread awareness and protection for their users.


    Corporate Perspective

      Jeff Freyer, Vice President of Business Services, Comcast
      Jeff Freyer's Video
      In this short video from the Michigan Cyber Breakfast, Jeff Freyer describes Comcast's Internet Essentials program. Since the internet is part of our daily lives, Comcast believes that offering low cost broadband service to low income families is essential.


    Panel Discussion: Cyber Defense, Critical Infrastructure Protection and Law Enforcement

      Description: What's happening in Michigan to prepare for cyber emergencies and protect your company, your network, your people and your data?

      Captain W. Thomas Sands, Commander, Michigan State Police, Emergency Management & Homeland Security Division
      Captain W. Thomas Sand's Video
      At the Michigan Cyber Breakfast, Captain Thomas Sands expresses the importance of the Cyber Security Initiative and the positive plans and current level of work happening now to protect and be prepared for security incidents.


      Tom Winterhalter, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
      Tom Winterhalter's Video
      At the Michigan Cyber Breakfast, Tom Winterhalter gives an overview on Michigan's FBI and past events that provide examples of why being prepared is important. He also gives examples of what threats and risks are out there and what is being done to protect against them.

      Brigadier General Michael Stone, Assistant Adjutant General-Installations
      Brig. Gen. Michael Stone's Video
      At the Michigan Cyber Breakfast, Brigadier General Michael Stone presents personal stories on the importance to have a back-up and contingency plan and to test it in case of a cyber attack.

      Don Welch, President & CEO, Merit Network
      Don Welch's Video
      At the Michigan Cyber Breakfast, Don Welch discusses what the government is currently doing to defend against cyber attacks. He goes over some facts about past and recent cyber attacks and discusses the plans for the Cyber Range.


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