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Water Resources Division

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Who We Are

The Water Resources Division (WRD) protects and monitors Michigan's waters - swimmable, fishable, fish safe to eat, and healthy aquatic ecosystems. 

Please send any comments or suggestions to: WRD, P.O. Box 30458, Lansing, MI, 48909-7958, 517-284-5567.

What's New 

Beach Scenic

Program Links

Permits Section
Aquatic Nuisance Control 
Dam Safety 
Flood Discharges 
Groundwater Discharge 
Hydrologic Data 
Low Flow Discharges 
NPDES Permits 
Request a Discharge 
Storm Water 
Subdivision Floodplain 

Field Operations Section
Floodplain Management 
Groundwater Discharge 
Industrial Pretreatment (IPP) 
Joint Permit Application
National Flood Insurance 
Operator Training & Certifications 
Part 5 Rules/Pollution Incident Prevention Plan (PIPP) 
Part 41 Permit 
Sanitary and Combined Sewers 
Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control
Transportation Review 

Executive Section
Oil Spill Clean-up 
Aquatic Invasive Species Program

Surface Water Assessment 
Areas of Concern 
Assessment of Michigan Waters 
Beach Water Monitoring 
Dredging Projects 
High Risk Erosion Areas 
Inland Lakes and Streams Protection 
Inland Lakes Monitoring 
Mosquito Control Projects 
Nonpoint Source Pollution 
Sand Dune Protection 
Shoreland Management 
Submerged Lands 
Submerged Logs 
Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL)

Water Quality Standards
Water Use/Withdrawal 
Wetlands Protection  

Staff Maps 
Dam Safety 
Groundwater Discharge
Industrial Pretreatment (IPP) 
Industrial Storm Water 
Land/Water Permits 
Municipal Storm Water (MS4)
Nonpoint Source (NPS)
NPDES (Surface Water) Discharge
Part 41
PIPP and Part 5
Sand Dune 
SESC & Construction Storm Water
Transportation Hydraulics 
Transportation Permits 


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