Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certification

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Municipal wastewater certification examinations are offered twice a year, usually in May and November. Certification is offered for Class A, B, C, D, L1, L2, and SC. Education and experience requirements for each of the classifications are described in the Certification Board Policy.  The semester hour credits required at the A and B classifications may be earned from colleges and universities or by successfully completing the appropriate courses from the list of Board Approved Semester Hour Equivalent (SHE) Courses.

The next Municipal Wastewater Exam is November, 2015.  Municipal Wastewater Exam Announcement Letter and Application.  Applications for the written examinations are only accepted in January into March for the May exam and in July into September for the November exam (not less than 45 days before the examination date.)  The examination announcement will be posted on this web site during those months providing assistance for application submittal. 

Exam study guides are available for Class ABC and DL2 and L1, and SC.

CERTIFICATION RENEWAL: To renew a certificate, the certified operator must submit a renewal application and provide proof of approved continuing education credits (CECs) earned during the renewal cycle.  These should be submitted 4 to 6 weeks before the certificate expiration date.  To renew an A or B certificate, the certified operator shall have completed, during the renewal cycle, not less than 2.4 CECs of board-approved continuing education training.  Not less than 0.6 CECs of the training shall be technical training and not less than 0.6 CECs of the training shall be managerial training.  To renew a Class C, D, L2, or L1 certificate, the certified operator shall have completed, during the renewal cycle, not less than 1.2 CECs of board-approved continuing education training.  For Class C certification renewal, no more than 0.6 CECs of training in the non-managerial, non-technical category may be used to meet the continuing education requirement.  There are no continuing education requirements for a class "SC" certificate.  Please refer to the following documents for more information. 

Notice: Certification examinations and renewals now have fees.  Complete fee information can be obtained at the Operator Certification & Training Fees Fact Sheet link under the Information heading on the Operator Training and Certification web site.

Municipal Wastewater Certification Renewal Application

Continuing Education Credit for Certified Wastwater Operators (word) 

List of Operator Training Unit's Approved Wastewater Courses (word) 

List of All DEQ Approved Courses

Approval of Programs for Continuing Education Credit - CEC


The Municipal Wastewater Treatment Certification section of  Act 451, Part 41