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Supervisor of Wells Orders

Contact: Office of Oil, Gas, and Minerals
Agency: Environmental Quality

The Orders here are only for the Office of Oil, Gas, and Minerals.
Spacing Orders - General orders for Antrim, Niagaran, Trenton-Black River, Glenwood, and below spacing.

Natural Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) - Defines NORM and options of disposing of it.

No Flare Order - Special Order 3-71.

Scheduled Hearing and Pending Orders  

Recent Orders for older orders please send an email request to
Cause 01-2014 Order Paul Brady & August Jyla
Cause 01-2014 Order Denying Rehearing Paul Brady & August Jyla
Cause 01-2014 Order Denying Spacing Order Paul Brady & August Jyla
Cause 02-2014 Order Paxton Resources, LLC
Cause 03-2014 Order Jordan Development Company, LLC
Cause 04-2014 Order Jordan Development Comany, LLC
Cause 05-2014 Order Savoy Energy, L.P.
Cause 06-2014 Order Merit Energy Company
Cause 08-2014 Order W.B. Osborn Oil & Gas Operations, LTD
Cause 09-2014 Order W.B. Osborn Oil & Gas Operations, LTD
Cause 10-2014 Order W.B. Osborn Oil & Gas Operations, LTD

2013 Orders
Cause 06-2013 Savoy Energy, L.P.
Cause 07-2013 W. B. Osborn Oil & Gas
Cause 08-2013 Core Energy
Cause 09-2013 Core Energy
Cause 10-2013 Core Energy
Cause 11-2013 Energex Petroleum (USA), LLC
Cause 12-2013 Order of Dismissal for Savoy Energy, L.P.
Cause 13-2013 Order of 2nd Adjournment for Kosco Energy Group, LLC
Cause 14-2013 Order of Dismissal Paxton Resources, LLC
Cause 15-2013 Protective Order for Core Energy
Cause 16-2013 Opinion and Order for O.I.L. Energy Corp
Cause 17-2013 Order and Opinion for W.B. Osborn Oil & Gas

Causes are numbered consecutively starting with 1 at the beginning of each year.  For example, 14-2014 is the fourteenth hearing of the year originally for 2011.

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