Locations - Oil & Gas wells - download database

The following database has well locations including lat/longs (which are not in the on-line database) for wells in Michigan. 
  The download is a zipped file of a Microsoft Access database.

How coordinates are determined: 
  In the Well Locations table, there is a Source_Loc field for both the surface and bottom hole locations.  The code represents how the lat/longs were determined.
  The codes are:
   C = Calculated by computer using the footages from the section lines.
   G = GPSed by field staff. 
   M = Manually taken by plotting on a map.  In these cases the computer couldn't calculate and there was no GPS reading. 

The coordinate systems used:
X-Y data is in NAD 1983 Michigan GeoRef meters
Lat-long is NAD 1983

Abbreviations and explanation
Wh_ = well head -prefix used in column headings for surface locations
BH_ = bottom hole - prefix used on column headings for bottom of the hole
Slant = can be V (vertical), D (directional), or H (Horizontal)
     for Vertical wells, the surface and bottom hole locations should be the same
Twpn = Township Number
Twpd = Township Direction - combine with Twpn to get the Town as 27N
RngN = Range Number
RngD = Range Direction - combine with RngN to get the Range as 6W

Formation codes 

The files are available via FTP.  Details about accesing the  DEQ FTP server. This site works.  If you can't connect, usually a pop-up blocker or a company firewall is stopping it, or it could be something on your computer.  Contact your IT person to fix this, or take a laptop to a nearby wi-fi hot spot and you'll be able to connect.  We can't help you fix this.  All we can do is check to see that the site is not temporarily down. 

After two weeks, the file may be automatically deleted.  Contact John McTiernan mctiernanj@michigan.gov to have it restored.

(Important:  Copy the file to your own computer before trying to open it.  It will not open from the ftp server.)

County maps with wells plotted 
These maps are in .pdf format.  To see the well information (permit number etc.) use the zoom in tool in Adobe Acrobat.  The maps are updated weekly.

Drilling Unit maps 
Maps in .pdf format are available for most of the northern lower Michigan counties and three southern Michigan counties.  This ongoing project will eventually provide maps for all of lower Michigan. 

Explanation of Town Range and Section 

If there are any questions or problems with the well locations, please contact the Permit Unit:
phone 517-284-6826.  If you can't get in the ftp server, contact your company IT person.  Usually it's a firewall or pop-up blocker that's preventing access.  Try a different computer or take a laptop to a local wi-fi hot spot and you should be able to get in.  We do not have the expertise to help you; all we can do is verify that the site us up and running.

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