2008 Dow Hazardous Waste Facility Offsite Corrective Action Documents

Contact: Dan Dailey 517-284-6559; Allan Taylor 517-614-7335
Agency: Environmental Quality


DEQ Letter to EPA - Letter regarding the direction of the investigation and cleanup of the Tittabawassee River, Saginaw River, Saginaw Bay, and the Midland area (1/17/2008)

Dow Petition for a Site Specific Treatability Variance from Land Disposal Restrictions - Submitted 10/1/2007 and Revised 1/21/2008

DEQ Letter to Dow - Letter notifying Dow that corrective action work will continue to be conducted under the State hazardous waste program with the U.S. EPA coordinating with the DEQ to provide CERCLA federal removal actions/interim response activity support and other technical assistance, as necessary.  Letter also indicates that the DEQ remains open to moving forward with presumptive remedies or other alternate approaches acceptable to the agency in lieu of Dow's proposed Direct Contact Criteria Report process for development of site-specific criteria for remediation of Midland area soils. (1/30/2008)


DEQ Letter to Dow - Approval with Modifications of Revised Dow Remedial Investigation Scope of Work for the Saginaw River and Floodplain and Saginaw Bay (2/1/2008)
Dow Letter to DEQ - letter from Dow expressing concerns about the company's working relationship with and between the DEQ and EPA (2/8/2008)


DEQ/EPA Joint Letter to Dow - Responding to Dow's 2/8/2008 Letter to DEQ that expressed concerns about Dow's working relationship with and between the DEQ and EPA; includes 2/13/2008 EPA letter of support regarding DEQ approval with modifications of the Saginaw River and Bay Scope of Work for the Remedial Investigation Work Plan (3/3/2008)


DEQ Letter to Dow - Notice to Dow requiring the submittal of work plans for 2008 Interim Response Activities/Pilot Corrective Action Plans for the Tittabawassee River and Saginaw River (4/16/2008)



Dow Remedial Investigation Work Plan for the Saginaw River-Floodplain and Bay (divided into 8 parts, appendices available upon request):  Dow submittal of a remedial investigation workplan for the Saginaw River, Floodplains, and Bay, following MDEQ's February 01, 2008 Approval with Modifications of a Scope of Work. The RIWP is the basis to define the nature and extent of contamination associated with Dow Chemical below the Tittabawassee River,define ecological and human health contaminant pathways, and assess appropriate remedial alternatives to allow a remedy selection process. (6/10/2008).

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Dow Interim Response Activity Work Plan - Reach D Area submitted by Dow to the DEQ in response to 4/16/2008 DEQ IRA Notice (6/16/2008)

Dow In-Channel Sediment Stability Assessment Work Memorandum to DEQ and Attachment A- Update by Dow to the DEQ on the various phases of work underway in support of the stability assessment of buried in-channel deposits with elevated concentrations of furans and dioxins for tasks that were reviewed with the DEQ during a teleconference on 6/12/2008 in response to 4/16/2008 DEQ IRA Notice (6/16/2008)

Dow Work Plan to Implement Pilot River Bank Stabilization Projects on the Tittabawassee River and Cover Letter/Figures- Work Plan submitted by Dow to the DEQ proposing areas along the Tittabawassee River between the Dow Dam and the confluence with the Shiawassee River where river bank stabilization pilot projects will be implemented and monitored commencing in 2008 in response to 4/16/2008 DEQ IRA Notice (6/16/2008)


DEQ Approval of Dow Site-Specific Treatability Variance from Land Disposal Restrictions- Variance applies to contaminated soils generated from corrective action at Dow's Michigan Operations, Midland facility. (7/3/2008)




Sediment Trap Pilot Project Feasibility Study for the Saginaw River, Michigan (10/2/2008)  The Report, prepared by Environ ( a Dow consultant) summarizes the results of a 16-month field investigation under the auspices of the Alternative Dispute Resolution - Technical Work Group (TWG) process to assess the feasibility of maintaining large-scale sediment traps in turning basins of the Saginaw River.  TWG members include representatives of various state and federal agencies, the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, and Dow.