Wellhead Protection Area Maps

A statewide map of wellhead protection areas for community and non-transient, non-community public water supply systems is available as a shapefile from the Center for Shared Solutions, Geographic Data Library at the following address:

As noted on the website, the wellhead protection area information provided through the library consists of a data format inherent to geographic information systems (GIS) software and commonly referred to as a “shapefile.” The user will need access to GIS software that supports the shapefile format. All data sets have been pre-packaged using zip or self-extracting executable file formats that will create the files necessary to construction of the wellhead protection area shapefile.

To download a GIS application and apply layers to display the Wellhead Protection Areas, follow these instructions.

If the user does not have access to the necessary software for the display of wellhead protection areas, information on individual wellhead protection areas and/or an Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) version of the wellhead protection area map may be obtained by contacting a source water protection staff member:

Brant Fisher, 517-284-6515, fisherb@michigan.gov
Jason Berndt, 517-284-6513, berndtj1@michigan.gov
Wayne Kukuk, 517-284-6517, kukukw@michigan.gov
Jean Shekter, 517-284-6519, shekterj@michigan.gov