Wellhead Protection Area Maps

A statewide map of wellhead protection areas for community and non-transient, non-community public water supply systems is available as a shapefile from the Center for Shared Solutions, Geographic Data Library at the following address:

As noted on the website, the wellhead protection area information provided through the library consists of a data format inherent to geographic information systems (GIS) software and commonly referred to as a “shapefile.” The user will need access to GIS software that supports the shapefile format. All data sets have been pre-packaged using zip or self-extracting executable file formats that will create the files necessary to construction of the wellhead protection area shapefile.

To download a GIS application and apply layers to display the Wellhead Protection Areas, follow these instructions.

If you have any questions regarding these maps, please contact a source water protection staff member:

Jason Berndt, 989-705-3420, berndtj1@michigan.gov
Wayne Kukuk, 517-284-6517, kukukw@michigan.gov