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How to Apply for an NPDES permit

Permit applications for discharges to surface water must be submitted to the Permits Section in Lansing at least 180 days before the permit is needed. The application then proceeds through the standard permit review and development process. 


Antidegradation applies to any NPDES action that is anticipated to result in a new or increased loading of pollutants to the surface waters of the state.  Information regarding Department requirements for antidegradation can be found in the following downloadable procedure.




General information regarding the NPDES permit process can be found in the following downloadable PowerPoint presentation.


The NPDES application form and instructions can be obtained from the district office in your area.  In addition, these documents can be downloaded from this web page in Microsoft Word and PDF formats. 


The electronic permit application should be completed, saved, printed, and signed. The original should be sent to the Department as directed in the application.  Be sure to save a copy for your records.  We are not accepting electronic submittals of the application at this time.


The issuance of an NPDES permit or certificate of coverage does not authorize violation of any federal, state or local laws or regulations, nor does it obviate the necessity of obtaining such permits, including any other DEQ permits, or approvals from other units of government as may be required by law.



Downloadable Forms


The Permit Application for Discharges to Surface Water contains a limited amount of space for reporting general information (adjacent property owners, contract laboratories, and service area), biosolids land application information, and combined sewer overflow outfalls/bypasses.  In addition, there is only enough space for information about one outfall.  Applicants requiring additional pages can download these extra pages below.


Downloadable Forms


Extra Page:  No Exposure Certification Form  
Extra Page:  
Acute Toxicity Test Report  
Extra Page:  
Ceriodaphnia Chronic Toxicity Test Report  
Extra Page:  
Fathead Minnow Chronic Toxicity Test Report  
Extra Page:  
Contract Laboratory  
Extra Page:  
Adjacent Property Owners

Extra Page:  Collection System Information
Extra Page:  Significant Industrial Users 
Extra Page:  Biosolids Data  
Extra Page:  Outfall Information Industrial Table 
Extra Page:  Service Area Information 
Extra Page:  NPDES Permit Application Section I 
Extra Page:  NPDES Permit Application Section II   
Extra Page:  NPDES Permit Application Section III   
Extra Page:  NPDES Permit Application Section IV   
Extra Page:  NPDES Permit Application Section V   
Extra Page:  NPDES Permit Application Section VI



If you encounter any difficulties regarding the downloadable NPDES permit forms, please contact Mr. Tarek Buckmaster at 517-284-5584.  Electronic inquires may be submitted by clicking on his name.

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