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Rule 57 Water Quality Values

Download Rule 57 Water Quality Values

Instructions for Interpreting the Rule 57 Water Quality Values Spreadsheet

Rule 323.1057 (Toxic Substances) of the Part 4. Water Quality Standards gives procedures for calculating water quality values to protect humans, wildlife and aquatic life. Using Rule 323.1057, the following values are determined:

  • Human noncancer value (HNV): "drink" and "non-drink"
  • Human cancer value (HCV): "drink" and "non-drink"
    (calculated only for carcinogens)
  • Wildlife value (WV) (calculated only for Bioaccumulative Chemicals of Concern)
  • Final chronic value (FCV)
  • Aquatic maximum value (AMV)
  • Final acute value (FAV)

The above terms and their uses are defined in the Part 4 - Water Quality Standards. For the purposes of point source discharges and venting groundwater, the use of these values is described in the Part 8 rules titled "Water Quality-Based Effluent Limits for Toxic Substances". Within the table, the identification of a value as "drink" or "non-drink" refers to whether or not the receiving water to which the chemical will be discharged is protected as a source of drinking water (see R 323.1100 - Designated uses, of the Water Quality Standards).

Each chemical is identified by a chemical abstract service number (CAS#) and each water quality value is followed by a "verification date". The first number in the verification date refers to the Tier status of the chemical, either Tier 1 or Tier 2. Tier 1 values are calculated using an optimal set of toxicological data while Tier 2 values are calculated using a lesser amount of data (see R323.1057 for further description of tiers) The next six numbers refer to the year and month that the water quality value was developed or adopted into the Water Quality Standards.

If a chemical is not on this list or if a value is identified with an "ID" (insufficient data) or "NLS" (no literature search), then values have not been calculated. Values will be calculated in response to requests from department staff for use in the NPDES permit program and the development of groundwater-surfacewater interface (GSI) values. Due to limited resources, requests to develop values cannot be accepted from sources other than department staff. This list will be updated as necessary to include new values or revise values that have not been promulgated within the Water Quality Standards.

Information Contact: Dennis Bush, 517-284-5522, or