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There are 25 counties in Michigan where all residents have "convenient access" to recycling. In order to determine which counties have convenient access to recycling, the following criteria were established:
  1. The county must provide a collection program to each resident through ordinance, public/private partnerships, private-hauler contracting, or a publicly managed program.
  2. Each community with 10,000 or more people must provide each resident access to curbside recycling.
  3. In a community without curbside recycling, there must be at least one drop-off location per 10,000 people.

 Michigan is working to ensure that all residents have convenient access to recycling.

Recycling is a major component of pollution prevention, conservation, and waste reduction efforts in Michigan. It is often the first step businesses take toward a more efficient and cleaner operation. Recycling is also a popular, positive way individuals can practice sustainable living and protect their environment.

A few of the many environmental, economic, and social benefits of recycling are:

  • Conserving natural resources by consuming fewer raw materials.
  • Minimizing the need to harvest and mine virgin materials thus preventing habitat and natural area destruction and disruption.
  • Creating more local jobs than managing waste does, resulting in stronger local economies.
  • Diverting waste from landfills, extending their useful lives.
  • Robust recycling programs improve the quality of life in the community and results in a more desirable place to live.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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