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Pollution Emergency Alerting System (PEAS) Information

In case of environmental emergency affecting AIR - LAND - WATER- WETLANDS-DAMS-PUBLIC DRINKING WATER SUPPLIES


                                                                        Call: 1-800-292-4706 


The Pollution Emergency Alerting System (PEAS) serves to receive information about environmental incidents into the DEQ, via the hotline 1-800-292-4706, and to distribute that information to appropriate staff internally, as well as to contacts in partner agencies, such as Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD), Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), Michigan State Police (MSP), and Michigan Department of Human Services (MDCH), etc. 

PEAS has been in operation since 1975, including its 24-hour toll-free hotline. The PEAS hotline should be used to report environmental pollution emergencies such as tanker accidents, pipeline breaks, and releases of reportable quantities of hazardous substances as well as other types of environmental emergencies for which the DEQ has jurisdiction, including: wetland disturbances, incidents involving compromised integrity of dams, and incidents involving public drinking water supplies, nuclear power plants, mines and oil & gas wells. 

The nature of DEQ staff response is generally to provide technical advice to first responders and responsible parties on actions they can take to minimize environmental damage.

Please see the Spill/Release Reporting and Emergency Planning websites for additional spill/release reporting and prevention information.

For questions or comments on the workings of the system itself, including any problems with the phone connections, database, customer service, etc., please contact the PEAS Administrator, Bruce VanOtteren at 517-284-6232.


Access PEAS historical database (note that information on PEAS reports made after Feb. 2010 is temporarily not available online, but is still collected, and available by FOIA request)

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