Environmental Assistance Center: 800-662-9278

Contact: Environmental Assistance Center:

The Environmental Assistance Center (EAC) serves as a single point of entry into all DEQ programs. By calling the EAC's 800-662-9278 number from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, business, industry, local units of government, and the general public can receive direct one-on-one assistance or referral to a network of technical staff within the DEQ. We can help with topics related to air, land, waste and water.

The goal of the EAC is:

  • Customer Service: to provide excellent customer service by helping callers timely "navigate" through the DEQ's various programs.
  • Full Partners in Economic Development: to provide new and expanding Michigan operations with resources to identify and understand DEQ requirements.
  • Stewardship: to provide beyond compliance tools and contacts.

The EAC is the DEQ's "front line" for day-to-day contact with the general public and regulated community they have been formally recognized for their for their outstanding service to the DEQ and to the people of the State of Michigan. The EAC handles anywhere between 13,000 and 45,000 calls and e-mails per year. Adam, Benita, Kelly, Joli, and Sarah look forward to helping you with your environmental question or concern. Give them a call at 800-662-9278, or you can send an e-mail to: deq-assist@michigan.gov.