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Settlement Reached with Bishop International Airport Authority

Contact: Robert McCann (517) 373-7917
Agency: Environmental Quality

November 23, 2009

The Department of Environmental Quality has reached a settlement with the Bishop International Airport Authority to address violations of Michigan's water quality protection laws at the airport located in Genesee County.

The violations relate to the unpermitted discharge of de-icing materials to surface waters of the state. After being notified of the violations, the DEQ and the airport officials began negotiations on potential resolutions of the discharge, which ultimately led to the airport implementing a De-icing Management and Monitoring Program to reduce the total volume of de-icing materials discharged to state waters.

"Bishop Airport officials moved decisively to correct the violations and enter into a settlement that will benefit the airport as well as our environment," said DEQ Director Steven E. Chester. "This agreement reflects a cooperative effort and commitment by both parties to improve the quality of Michigan's water resources."

The Airport is currently installing a centrally located de-icing pad where all airplanes will be de-iced prior to take-off. The de-icing pad will eventually be connected to a publicly owned treatment location to ensure that all collected de-icing materials will be properly treated prior to discharge.

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