State Burning Laws and Rules

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Agency: Environmental Quality

Michigan Air Pollution Control Rules and Part 115 (Solid Waste) Rules

R 336.1310 - Air Quality Open Burning Rule (pdf)
R 336.1331 - Priority I and II Areas (pdf)
R 299.4128 - solid waste open burning rule (pdf)

Part 115 (Solid Waste Management) of Act 451

Section 324.11522 - Open burning of grass clippings or leaves; open burning of household waste; open burning of wooden fruit or vegetable storage bins; burning of United States flag. (pdf)

Part 515 (Prevention and Suppression of Forest Fires) of Act 451

Section 324.51501 - definitions
Section 324.51503 - burning permits, conditions
Section 324.51503b - Prescribed burning; liability; requirements
Section 324.51504 - acts prohibited
Section 324.51507 - extreme fire hazard conditions; proclamation by governor as to use of fire; prohibited acts
Section 324.51508 - emergency assistance; persons subject to call; compensation; refusal; penalty
Section 324.51509 - fire suppression expenses; liability; determination; collection of claim; actions
Section 324.51510 - prohibited acts; exception
Section 324.51511 - department of natural resources officer, employee, or agent; right of entry
Section 324.51512 - violation of part or rule; penalty