Emissions Trading within Michigan

  • Clean Air Market Programs

    Federally mandated Clean air market programs (i.e. cap & trade) include various market-based regulatory programs designed to improve air quality by reducing outdoor concentrations of fine particles, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides.

    The Federal Clean Air Rules are a suite of actions intended to dramatically improve America's air quality. These rules specifically address the transport of pollution across state borders (i.e. including the Clean Air Interstate Rule). These rules provide national tools to achieve significant improvement in air quality and the associated benefits of improved health, longevity and quality of life for all Americans. Taken together, they will make the next 15 years one of the most productive periods of air quality improvement in America's history.

  • USEPA Clean Air Interstate Rule
  • Midwest Regional (GHG Emissions) Climate
  • Chicago Climate Exchange
  • Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change
  • USEPA Clean Air Mercury Rule