Arbor Hills Landfill Information

  • Arbor Hills Landfill SceneryThe landfill has been regularly inspected by the MDEQ since it opened.  In January 2016, MDEQ began receiving odor complaints from residents living near the Arbor Hills Landfill (Landfill). MDEQ immediately engaged with the Landfill’s operators to address these odor concerns. Fugitive emissions of landfill gas were found to be the source of the odors. Arbor Hills Landfill took immediate and aggressive action to correct these issues.  The MDEQ and US EPA conducted investigations of the landfill and their operations.  Based on these investigations, MDEQ and US EPA issued Clean Air Act violations to the landfill for failures in the gas collection and control system. MDEQ, Wayne County, contracted consultants, and landfill staff continue to conduct regular inspections and odor patrols in and around the landfill and the surrounding community.

  • Public Comment Period Open!

    Click the envelope to see example language for a public comment submittal for a permit to install.The Air Quality Division opened a public comment period on February 8, 2018, on the proposed permit conditions for a permanent gas flare. The flare is part of the landfill gas collection system and will help control landfill gas when the gas to energy facility is not operating or is operating at a lower rate.

    If you have a comment on the proposed permit conditions, comments may be submitted in writing or e-mailed at any time during the comment period, or in person at the public meeting/hearing March 13, 2018, starting at 5:30PM in the Northville High School Auditorium. The information below has been prepared for you to review prior to making your official comment. If you have any questions about making a comment or any of the information below, please contact Melissa Byrnes at 517-284-6790.