Site Reclamation Grants (SRG)

Site Reclamation Program grants provide funding to local units of government to investigate and remediate known sites of environmental contamination, which will be used for identified economic redevelopment projects.

Goals of the Program:
To reuse abandoned, vacant, or underutilized properties that are know to be contaminated, and to promote environmental cleanups.

A proposed project must have an identified economic development project that will commence upon completion of response activities. The development must show economic benefit for the community greater than the amount of the grant through job creation, private investment, or property tax increase. The property must meet the definition of a facility per Part 201 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended. Grant recipients are required to sign a grant agreement prior to commencement of grant eligible work.

Dollar Amount(s) Available (Min or Max):
Maximum grant awards are $2,000,000 per project.

Any city, village, township, or county may apply for a grant. Eligible activities include limited environmental investigations and assessments, interim response, and remediation necessary for the proposed development. Only one project may be awarded to an applicant during any fiscal year. Any property which is receiving other state cleanup funds is not eligible. The grant may not benefit a liable party or relieve a liable party of responsibility for environmental response activities.

Application Process:
Eligible applicants are encouraged to send a project summary for review; project summary guidelines are available upon request. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) reviews the summary for feasibility and advises the local unit regarding the submittal of a formal application. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Source(s) of Funds:
Environmental Protection Bond Fund of 1988.

Parts 195 and 201 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 of PA 451, as amended.

For a list of SRG projects, please refer to the Consolidated Report