Collaborative Stakeholders Initiative (CSI)
- A collaboration of stakeholders and staff focused on reinventing and revitalizing the state's cleanup and redevelopment program.

90-DAY REPORT ON CSI - June 19, 2012 -- This PowerPoint and report provide a 90-day update (March-June 2012) on CSI progress (accomplishments, next steps) to date.   

Michigan's remediation and redevelopment programs are undergoing significant transformational change in 2012 and beyond.  Staff with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Remediation and Redevelopment Division (RRD) are collaborating with stakeholders from around the state in a focused and expedited initiative to bring forth and carry out recommendations that will reinvent and revitalize the state's cleanup and redevelopment programs and regulatory environment while continuing to protect public health and the environment for the benefit of Michigan and its people.

The first step in this transformational process, was to create and form the CSI.  In alignment with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder 10-Point Plan to Reinvent Michigan, and in response to the Office of Regulatory Reinvention's (ORR) January 2012 report to improve Michigan's environmental regulations, the CSI was convened on February 3, 2012 by the DEQ/RRD together with some stakeholders who agreed to meet in a climate of trust, cultural understanding and cooperation to achieve like goals.  Over the course of four major meetings (and many sub-meetings) that month, the CSI, operating under seven (7) key issues groups (see below), produced 90 recommendations for program/policy change that were presented in a final report, a summary report, a webinar, and PowerPoint to DEQ Director Dan Wyant on March 15, 2012 for action. 


Since the March 15, 2012 report was issued, the seven key issues groups continue to meet regularly to act on those recommendations, with stakeholder participation in that process continuing and growing.  In addition to regular monthly reports, a CSI schedule is in place to issue regular progress reports and webinars and produce actionable items to the public and stakeholders, as follows:  1) IMMEDIATE - reports and actions to take place in a 60-90 day period and reported on in June 2012; 2) SHORT TERM - reports and actionable items to take place over a six month period and reported on in December 2012; and 3) LONG TERM - reports and action items to take place over the following year (2013) and reported on in December 2013.


For more information.  For more information on the CSI, please contact the DEQ/RRD's Ms. Sara Pearson -- point person for the reinvention and implementation of Michigan's remediation and redevelopment programs -- at this phone number:  517-284-5138 or e-mail address:



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