Michigan Underground Storage Tank Authority

  • Michigan Underground Storage Tank Authority

    USTA LOGOThe Michigan Underground Storage Tank Authority (MUSTA) serves Michigan’s petroleum underground storage tank owners and operators, local units of government, and country road commissions by managing the Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund, Legacy Release Program, and Public Highway Cleanup Program on a sound fiscal basis.   We provide prompt and consistent service in assisting stakeholders in meeting their financial responsibility requirements and efficiently providing financial assistance to remediate contamination caused by releases from petroleum underground storage tanks.

    Contact: Bob Reisner 517-284-5141

    This page can be accessed as: www.michigan.gov/deqmusta.



    The $36 million allowed for the Legacy Release Program has been allocated to approved and pending claims. No additional claims will be reviewed at this time. One hundred claims will be accepted to be included on a waiting list in the order that they are received. The claims on the waiting list may eventually be reviewed and money allocated to them if funding becomes available due to claims that are denied or those that do not expend their maximum allowable amount upon achieving closre of the release(s).

    Waiting list spots available as of 7:00 a.m. on Friday, March 16, 2018: 91