Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan

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Hydraulic fracturing has been in the news, but this process for enhancing gas and oil production is far from new. To reveal some facts about what fracking is, how it works, and insights on some common fracking myths select the link below:

Michigan Fracking Q&A is a straight forward discussion of the what, how and why of fracking.

Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan

High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Activity Map

High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Water Use Tracking - 2008 to Present  The attached table shows approximate groundwater volumes withdrawn for high volume hydraulic fracturing completions in Michigan since 2008.

Information about testing water well quality:
Due to the special interest in this topic the following resources are collected here for easy reference.  Hydraulic fracturing is also referred to as hydrofracking, hydrofracturing, or simply "fracking." Oil & Gas Pre-Drill Water Well Testing. Water Well Supervisor of Wells Instruction 1-2013 Water Well RequirementsWater Wells in Proximity to Oil and Gas Development: What You Need to Know. Information you can use to protect your water supply.

For more information about hydrofracking and related considerations please consider the following sites:


Frac Focus

click here to go to the Ground Water Protection Council site

Ground Water Protection Council - GWPC

click here to go to the Interstate Oil Compact Commission site

Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission - IOGCC


Also found on the Office of Oil, Gas and Minerals web pages

Bulletin 08: Stratigraphic Lexicon for Michigan ; P. A. Catacosinos, 2001; A comprehensive compilation of stratigraphic terms with accompanying stratigraphic chart All counties, Nomenclature, Stratigraphy.    

Bulletin 08: Chart of the Stratigraphic Nomenclature for Michigan; P. A. Catacosinos, 2001; 1 colored sheet 17" by 22" folded to 8.5" by 11", included as part of Bulletin 8 All counties, Nomenclature, Stratigraphy.    

The references listed above are only two of the over 1,500+ digital files about Geology in Michigan. To access the full catalog go to the Digital Geology Catalog.  

Michigan Geologic Maps  Nothing is better for helping to explain geology than geologic maps.  Select from the links below to see a variety of Michigan geologic maps.

The GeoWebFace application make your own geologic maps with over ninety map themes to choose from.

Quaternary Geology of Michigan, W. R. Farrand, 1982. Also call "Glacial' or "Surficial" by some geologists. This map shows what is fond at the surface.

Bedrock Geology Map
, Colored map of the aerial extent of geologic formations.  This shows the patter of the bedrock that is under the glacial sands, gravels and clays that blanket Michigan.

Oil and Gas Map, A map showing the distribution of Oil & Gas wells in the state.

Oil & Gas Drilling Unit Maps by County 
The Office of Oil, Gas, and Minerals has an on-going project making maps showing oil and gas drilling units.

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