Supervisor of Wells Hearings

Contact: Office of Oil, Gas, and Minerals

These items listed here are only for the Oil, Gas, and Minerals Division.

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Rulings are on the Supervisor's Orders page.

Cause 01-2018 Wolverine Oil and Gas Company of Michigan, LLC


Cause 01-2017 Bailer & Deshaw
Cause 02-2017 Jordan Development Company, LLC

Cause 03-2017 Core Energy, LLC
Cause 04-2017 Merit Energy Company
Cause 05-2017 Jordan Development Company, LLC
Cause 06-2017 Cobra Oil & Gas Corporation
Cause 07-2017 Savoy Energy, L.P.

Cause 01-2016 Jordan Development Company, LLC
Cause 02-2016 Merit Energy Company, LLC
Cause 03-2016 Core Energy, LLC

Hearing Numbers:  The causes are numbered consecutively followed by the year.  The (M) prefix means it's a Mineral Well hearing, not an oil and gas well hearing.