How to Plug an Abandoned Well

STEP 1:  Pumps, drop-pipes, pump rods, packers, wire, check valves, and all other debris or obstructions must be removed from the well.  Registered well drilling contractors have the knowledge and proper equipment to perform this very important task.


STEP 2:  The well depth and diameter must be measured in order to calculate the necessary amount of plugging material.   Also, different well types (i.e. dug, drilled, driven) that terminate in different geologic formations (i.e. rock, drift) require different types of plugging material and different plugging methods The water well record has this information. 


STEP 3:   The well is plugged by a registered well drilling contractor.


STEP 4:  An Abandoned Well Plugging Record is completed and submitted to the local health department, the well owner, and to the DEQ within 60 days upon completion of the well plugging project.