About Director Allan

Office of Great Lakes Director Jon AllanJon Allan comes to the Office of the Great Lakes with a strong background in fisheries, wildlife and the aquatic sciences. With several decades of experience in environmental policy and law, he has taught courses in biology, ecology, environmental impact assessment and marine biology and island ecology at Michigan State University and other institutions. His research on wetlands, stream ecology, impact assessment and water policy has been published in journals in Canada and the U.S. Time and again, organizations and individuals have called on Director Allan to participate in and lead environmental planning in Michigan and the Great Lakes region.

He served as advisor to the Great Lakes Compact negotiations, co-chaired Michigan's Groundwater Conservation Advisory Council and the Water Resources Advisory Council that was tasked with formulating the state's implementation of the Great Lakes Compact Agreement. He also served as chair of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce's Environmental Quality Committee.

He was appointed to the Michigan Climate Action Council and was a member of the Midwest Governors' Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord Advisory Group. Recently, he served for a number of years as a member of the Environmental Advisory Council for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Jon recently completed his tenure as co-chair of the Governor's Blue Ribbon Panel on State Parks and Recreation.

Contact the Director's office at 517-284-5035